Why the Surulere Regional League is attracting advertising interest: Marketing experts predict a rise in advertising deals in 2019.

When organizers first conceived the idea of the Surulere Regional League, naysayers were quick to air their doubts regarding the impact it would have on grassroots football.

What they did not know was how hungry the tons of athletes have been for a league that runs through a specific period giving them ample opportunity to play, learn and relearn. We have seen an emergence of club and academy owners who have tapped into the business of grooming talents and making them world beaters.

Surulere we know is the hub of sports in Lagos and indeed Nigeria. It has a rich history of producing some of Nigeria’s biggest names in sports and it is not uncommon to see thousands of athletes and sports enthusiasts throng to the pitches and various sport arcades of the National Stadium Surulere.

You would be amazed by the sheer number of clubs and academies that play on a daily basis in the different communities. So when the league commenced in late November, organizers were bombarded with applications from over 40 teams willing to compete in the league. What this means in effect is a massive showcase of footballing talents gracing the pitches and turfs.

“The success of the SRL which is grounded in the quality of football has automatically created a cycle of growth.”  Teslim Sanni-Anibire (Marketing Lead at RedSoxx 11 sports)

Fans are beginning to turn out in their large numbers to enjoy the spectacle thereby reducing the menace and in a way decongesting the various grassroots communities at the times the games are held. 

With over 1000 athletes registered and approximately more than 15,000 fans showing allegiance to the teams, brands and individuals are beginning to see the league as a viable target for showcasing their brands and reaching potential customers faster. Ranging from financial institutions, apparel and kit manufacturers and food/beverage brands, we have already noticed a significant interest that could only mean more would come.

So far league organizers have been challenged with the task of maintaining the standard at which it is currently with the hope that when the sponsorships flow in, the bar would be raised further and even have a direct positive impact on clubs.

“Not everyone would win the league. However teams expect to benefit something from their participation.” With the major focus on talent scouting, organization and pure entertainment, the Surulere Regional League is positioning teams to scale and take something away from their participation.

With 2019 just around the corner, observers are keen to see which and which brands would be major players in Kit sponsorship, pitch panels, tv and radio, digital and online media sponsorships. With what has been achieved so far, the SRL might just be on another level in terms of standard.  

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