SRL Week 3 MATCHDAY Preview

In two weeks we have seen over 34 teams battle it out on the clean sandy turf of the Hockey Pitches at the National Stadium Surulere Lagos.

Over one thousand athletes have also stepped up brilliantly to showcase the hard-work and dedication put into training.

Great Olympics Vs Box2Box: The first game would feature a mouth watering clash between Great Olympics and Group leaders Box 2 Box at the beautiful Legacy pitch. Bookmakers would understandably want to  predict a Box 2 Box win by the margin however you cannot take it away from the lads at Great Olympic who dominated the last game against Spring Soca FC and ran away with a deserved 5-1 win.

Goshen FC VS G12: Anywhere you see G12 Fc, a football party is expected. Goshen FC would have a lot to prove against the well drilled G12 side who sit at 9th on the league table after winning one and losing one of their games.

11 Angels VS Oasis FC: Oasis has had a somewhat challenging run in this league that has exposed a gap in organization. However we suspect they would want to break even with their game against newcomers 11 Angels FC.

Jumez FC VS Royal Trust: Sitting at 10th and 12th on the league table, the match between Jumez and Royal trust would most definitely be a game to stay afloat on the league table and stay further away from the bottom.

Oluwasegun FC Vs China Sunstars: Again this is another match where both teams would like to prove a point of their participation. Both teams sit at the bottom of the table and have constantly been outplayed in previous matches no matter how hard they fight. With the two teams meeting, we hope it marks the beginning of something new for any of the two teams.

Loveworld FC VS Team360 Fc: For Loveworld FC, the match against Box2Box FC must had been very disheartening and morale dampening as they fell to an 8-1 defeat against the group leaders. Team 360 FC on their part have not made any notable impression in the league so far. Here we anticipate a keenly contested match where both teams would definitely be out to draw blood.

Puma FC VS Surulere Warriors: Both teams have constantly struggled with their campaign. Puma FC are still coming to terms with understanding themselves as a team. Surulere Warriors on their part have been termed by some sections of the Fans as Surulere Babies considering their unspirited displays. We hope to see a rejuvenation and lively contest.

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