SRL Introduces VIP Access for teams

With teams churning out mind-blowing football, the Surulere Regional League has so far lived up to its hype.

Spectators and fans are beginning to gather in large numbers at the various venues to watch their favourite teams showcase excellent football artistry. Organizers have therefore created a model that is aimed at giving financial benefits to teams who come out to play and entertain teeming fans who love to watch the game in its raw form.

Two VIP sections has been created by organizers of the league for teams who intend to invite notable personalities and fans to experience beautiful football. This plan entails teams to sell VIP Access Cards  at an agreed amount to fans and invited guests. This would make for better viewing and a more memorable experience for whoever is lucky enough to get the limited MATCHDAY access cards. Although viewership of the games is totally free, teams who take the pain to invite people to watch their games are able to boast of making Machday revenues which is normal at standard sporting events.

The SRL has partnered with MATCHDAY Hype, a sports events promotion platform to give this a boost and make it achieve its overall goal of revenue generation for teams and the league in general. 




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Credit: MATCHDAY Hype



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