Sports Tour 1.0- Things you missed from our trip to the ancient city of Badagry

Whispering Palms Badagry played host to members of the Sports Managers Hub and the general public to a unique sports tour and camping experience.

Friends, families and couples who signed up for the two days experience were thrilled by the sights and serenity of the ancient city of Badagry.

Right from the very first day to the last, the food, games and team bonding sessions were classy events that would linger in the memories of participants. It was really a good way to put a very busy year to an end as campers were left longing for more.

“Sports Tour 1.0 actually is an epitome of what relaxation, learning and fun should be. Our trip to the slave relics museum, the first story building and the point of no return were really highpoints of my visit to the ancient city of Badagry” one of the campers reiterated.

Sports Tour 1.0 lived up to its hype by not just being a regular camping experience, it had a heavy fusion of sporting activities ranging from tennis, aerobics and table tennis. Campers were treated to a variety of cuisines, fruits, and trips over the Atlantic via speedboats.  


“For me my best experience was the dinner with the whole group. It’s not often that we get to sit together on a big dinning table and share experiences, laugh and play over issues. It sure was a break away from the norm." Another participant posited.







Organizers have hinted on a bigger event in the first quarter of 2019 which would feature a whole list of fun activities without taking away the fusion of sporting activities. "Sports ideally is for everyone. We want our tourists to enjoy themselves to the maximum and always look forward to new experiences." 



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