Box2Box FC Showed class – but are they really the team to beat?

Matchday one of the third week had all the workings and vibes of a keenly contested league. Here we take a cursory look at all the teams and how they fared.

The work-rate of the players, the hunger for success and expectations of the coaches is always a sight to behold when these games are in full swing on this side of Lagos.

With an arena packed with close to a thousand spectators who majorly came to experience how Box2Box Fc was going to demolish a well supported Great Olympic side, one would understand why football would always thrive in these climes. With the game tied at 0-0 up until the dying moments, Box2Box FC showed the crowd what it meant to be revered as group leaders.

However we saw a completely different Great Olympics side who broke up play quite frequently and put Box2Box on the back foot when they had the chance. It was a spectacle to behold as we saw a tactical display from both benches in their drive to outwit the other. Both teams had a point to prove. For Box2Box FC, it was a case of fighting to stay at the top whilst for Great Olympics, it was more about letting the crowd know they were not pushovers when the big games come calling.  However putting up a fight wasn’t enough to keep the match level as they conceded to defeat at the death. What a match.

Great Olympics FC before their game against Box2BoxFc


Coach Of Box2Box at the Post Match Interview


In the other events the crowd was entertained to a thrilling derby game between Goshen FC and G12 FC. With the match tied at 1-1, fans were treated to a unique spectacle of two teams trying to outwit the other. Goshen Fc however came out tops when they latched on to a loose ball and nodded into an empty net.

Jumez FC on their part did not actually turn up for the party as they were trashed by Royal Trust FC in-front of the crowd who came out to perhaps experience a repeat of their match winning style and game plan exhibited in previous weeks.

In the fourth match of the day, China Sunstar’s put up an inspiring display as their Player-Coach Shina exhibited a matured understanding of the game to keep the Olusegun boys at bay. From classic interceptions to brilliant through balls, the Olusegun lads probably had to change their game plan which obviously did not include a way to beat the strong man in defence.

Without exaggeration, Team360 looked like a refreshed side who just realized the magnitude of the league and what it meant to win a game tactically and with ease. Loveworld on their part exhibited the regular fluid passing but were unable to make it count in the final third.


From our vantage position we could see the wide grin of the manager and coach of Puma Fc as they secured their first win against Surulere warriors. The warriors re-emerged with an inspiring display from a lad they called Little Messi and pundits were quick to believe the contest would have ended a draw if they had the luxury of time. In all, the  Surulere Regional League is awakening the sleeping beasts in quite a number of teams. Great goals have been scored, super skills have been exhibited and most importantly the fans are continuing to enjoy football in its raw form every passing day. 

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